Sobering, But, Well…

John Taylor Gatto knows a thing or two about the American school system… and, I’d argue, his points translate to all kinds of other school systems. Here are a couple of worthwhile, angering, stirring essays: The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher How public education cripples our kids, and why


This is one thing I think we miss. We miss, meaning we as a society long for it, we wish we still had it around. Or, at least, we think that we do. Or, at least, some os us think that we do. Not that your ancestors and mine are all that likely to have […]


Here’s a funny little animation based on John Coltrane’s Giant Steps. I’m not crazy about it but it is kind of neat as a one-time diversion. (via a thread on

That’s Where Beck Got Them….

Those funky string lines, that is. What’s that song by Beck with the wonderful string lines, from I think it was the Sea Change album? Oh, yeah, “Paper Tiger”. Well, anyway, the bulk of the good stuff was stolen from Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson. Maybe that’s credited somewhere. Actually, a little judicious Googling […]