Get Them Where It Hurts

Marmot linked to More Kim hijinks, this time, supposedly, by a network of spies in South Korea. Maybe. If this is true. It wouldn’t surprise me much, but who knows… In other news, it may have been because of mistaken analysis assuming impending collapse that non-engagement with North Korea was the main US strategy. So […]

Traffick — Korean sex trafficking in the American news

So the SF Gate (San Francisco, not science fiction) ran a four part-series on Korean-related sex-trafficking in America. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) and Marmot reports that some Korean-Americans are angry that, well, this doesn’t make Korea look good in the American media: Instead of educating Chronicle readers about the cultural background […]

Anyone Know Anything About Ali Khan

I was emailed a link to a blog called Free Ali Khan, which is about a guy apparently in Daejon Prison. He was apprently tried yesterday and convicted, and from the descriptions of the trial, it all sounds sketchy. Like, beyond sketchy: someone confessed to the murder and exonerated the guy, after the trial, but […]

Getting Easier

It’s getting easier, and I’m feeling less like hell after workouts now, though I’m sure my arms will be complaining soon… and my legs, tomorrow. Treadmill: 12.5 min @ 6.6km/hr (no breaks!); Stationary cycle: 10 min @ 20km/hr (no breaks!); Rowing 5 min @ who knows what (I got bored); some upper body weights. I’m […]

Dowland’s Death?

How the heck did John Dowland actually die? Does anyone out there in Internet-land know? I can’t find a snip of data on the web — and I spent an hour googling around for the info. The best I can find is the Dowland expert Diana Poulton suggesting he took ill in January 1626 and […]