Getting Easier

It’s getting easier, and I’m feeling less like hell after workouts now, though I’m sure my arms will be complaining soon… and my legs, tomorrow.

Treadmill: 12.5 min @ 6.6km/hr (no breaks!); Stationary cycle: 10 min @ 20km/hr (no breaks!); Rowing 5 min @ who knows what (I got bored); some upper body weights.

I’m shooting for 15 min each on the treadmill and cycle next week. Slowly will work my way up to 20 min over a few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Getting Easier

  1. Gord, another thing you might want to try is intravel training. Basically, get on the treadmill, push yourself for 30 seconds as hard as you can go, then walk it out for a minute of two. Do that for about twenty minutes and you’ll see the pounds start to shed faster. Good job keeping up with it. It only gets easier the more you stick with it.

  2. intravel training… I’ll try it.

    BTW I’m starting my food/exercising tracking as of today. I won’t be reporting to you till the end of the week — I simply lost track of things… and I’m wondering how much sense some of the alien foods I’ll be mentioning will make to you… though that isn’t the point, it sure makes using an online tracker harder… I found a good one, but I have to enter all the Korean foods in manually. So it’s a slower start than I had hoped…

  3. Well, the main reason to write down what you’re eating is so that you know what you’re eating. Looking at it written down on paper makes it a lot easier to stay on track. The big thing you want to do is look over the journal at the end of the week and ask yourself if what you’re putting into your body is what you need to stay healthy. Basically, is it helping me thin down or making me fat? You’ll be amazed how easy it is to stick with healthy eating if you have to be honest with yourself about how much you’re eating and what it takes to burn it off.

    For me, it works like this; it takes an hours worth of hard running to burn off the calories that are in one can of Dr. Pepper. I don’t drink Dr. Peppers anymore. When everything you eat starts to equal hard, sweating time on the machines, you’ll be a lot more cautious about what you eat.

  4. Yeah. I hear you… anyway, I’ve started tracking from today.

    Thanks for the advice. I am honestly thankful. By the way, I was right… I hurt more now than I did a few hours ago…

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