Read & Watched Lately (May 2007)

A back injury in mid-May landed me on my back, in pain. Which meant I got a lot of reading done this month, not only books I’ve been meaning to get to, but also the chance to catch up on my magazine subscriptions. Of course, I have a new copy of both Interzone and F&SF, […]

Au Privave

Not a jazz post. Just a note: I’ve posted a few things on private setting. If you sign in, you can see them. Or friends signed in at livejournal can also see them on my LJ, which mirrors my content here. Sensitive subjects or private ones.

News Rage

Lately I’ve been experiencing something new to me: news rage. It’s not the stories in the newspaper that get me. Rather, it’s the Korean news stories that never make it to the English newspapers that get my blood boiling. Stories about teenaged girls being raped and left to die from exposure in the cold, for […]

Derridian Nonsense, Story Idea

You know, I decided to give Derrida one more try, by perusing a bit from Of Grammatology — the bit collected in A Derrida Reader: Between the Blinds, edited by Peggy Kamuf. The only thing that resonated with me was a bit of a footnote, which I’ll quote here: Linear writing has therefore indeed [“]constituted, […]

Worse Again…

Just nerve pain. Walking seems to help a little. More real content coming soon, including some big news as soon as the contract is inked. Until then, here’s my girlfriend’s Meez to amuse you. Good thing she really does love nerds.