A Day of…

A day of worthy things: Go read Tina Connolly’s Growing Days, which is a poem up at Strange Horizons Go check out The Grand Narrative, which is the best new(ish) blog about Korea that I’ve seen in ages. Were I not so full-steam-ahead on the writing-SF thing, this is the blog and the kind of […]

“A Killing in Burma” Still Truckin’

I’m having a dreadully good time drafting “A Killing in Burma,” and while there are bits that will probably need some serious trimming later on, the process right now is a downright blast. One of the things I’m experimenting consciously with here is writing a longer story without a single consistent POV character. This is […]

Wanna Turn on a Wind Musician?

Checking out The Bis Key Chronicles, a saxophonist’s blog, I ran across this post about  a Bb bass sax that this guy is having built for him. I followed on to the homepage of the instrument maker who’s building it for him, custom with a low-A key, Benedikt Eppelsheim Wind Instruments, Munich, and, well, this […]

Clarion West 2007 Write-a-thon Wrap-up

I’ve fulfilled my write-a-thon goals! (Sort of.) “A Killing in Burma?: 2,545 words Weekly Total: 15,924 words Write-a-thon Total: 95,164 words That’s right, I’ve drafted a minimum of  15,000 words per week, and beaten my overall minimum quota of 90,000 words in six weeks by 5,164 words and one full day. I did this despite […]