Professor Whitney’s Last Letter (Not Yet in the Can)

I finally rampaged my way to the end of Professor Whitney’s Last Letter. The ending was holding out on me, but I think I’ve got one that will work, if I massage it a little. I’ll be giving it another look tomorrow to cut a few hunks of unnecessary material, and what I can improve. […]

Skewering Twits

I remember reading, somewhere — in a long-ago issue of Dragon Magazine back in the 80s, I think — some quip about wizards being “cute… on the end of a spear.” One of the joys in the blogosphere, for me, is watching Nick Mamatas skewer twits so we can see how cute they are on […]

Pipi Band and Po-keu Song

Yay! Lime got me a few of the CDs I asked her to order for me. Among them, 불가능한작전 by ??밴드 (Pipi Band). Often referred to as “punk,” I find them more a kind of mixture of freakiness, electronic, and rock. Apparently they spat onto a camera or the ground or something while they were […]

Rachmaninov & Professor Whitney

Sometimes, I write in silence. It’s useful for me when I need to shut everything out and just figure out what’s going to happen next. Of course, sometimes what I really need is to get myself into an emotional space so that I can feel where the story is supposed to go. This is where […]

Summer Block Kumar

I was wandering about the web this afternoon, during my lunchless lunch break, trying to relax off my morning busywork, when I found a link at Alllooksame to the blog of Summer Block Kumar, which was praised as a blog about China.  Anyway, one of the first posts I came across had a cool snippet […]