A Shift

I got a significant surprise the other day when checking out the enrollment in my various classes. (Actually, I got a few, but one especially big one.)  For certain core classes in my department, the class limit is 30-ish, but for a number of content-course electives the class limit is 80 students. (My impression is […]

Why Writing is a Solitary Activity

Kind of reminds me of editing projects, communal course design discussions, and other collaborative work I’ve done in the past. And yes, this is why writing is a solitary activity so much of the time. And, I suspect, why the book is usually better than the film. This is why crit groups are useful, too. […]

Books & Mags Read Recently

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this, so while I’m in a procrastinating mood, I figured now’s a good time to get to it. Here are the books and magazines I’ve read in the first nine weeks of 2008:

Movies Of Late…

As per comments that my reviews of things run long when I clump videos and movies along with TV and music, I’m going to only do movies and TV here. I’ve got another post on books in the works. These will be quick-capsule reviews, for the most part. Martian ChildSaw this in Seoul with Lime. […]

Where I’m From Is Not Flat

Um, or at least you shouldn’t say it aloud. Ha! (LJers, pop over for a funny video about how to survive in Saskatchewan, and what not to do when you’re there.) Hilarious, though totally silly. We know it’s flat. We like it that way. Well, except the winter wind…