Stuff Going On

Been busy like mad, and traveling for the next few days, but briefly:

  • I’m getting my students to release stuff (or let me release their stuff) online. The first in a series of projects is now up at YouTube: my Korean students considered popular stereotypes believed in Korea about foreign countries (like France, America, South and Southest Asia, China, and Japan) and then went out and asked people from those countries what they think and feel about those stereotypes. That’s how you turn a somewhat disturbing class discussion into a learning experience.

    More to come: remixes/creative work from my Media English class; final commentaries from my Popular Cultures class; and hopefully much more next semester.

  • Next semester, I’m going to be teaching a course that is, essentially, a Graphic Novel Project inspired by The Stanford Graphic Novel Project, which produced the graphic novel Shake Girl. No idea what we’re going to deal with, but I’m going to be doing some thinking about this for the next couple of months.
  • Will definitely be working on a textbook this summer. Insanity. But, hey, it’s paying work. And it’ll be legal, too. So, probably no Clarion West Write-a-Thon for me, this year, at least.
  • Deluged by editing for the campus English magazine, and grading for one of my classes.
  • Lime and I will be visiting Hae In Sa — the temple where the Tripiṭaka was carved on woodblocks, which were burned by the Mongols, and then carved in woodblocks again — and Busan, though too briefly to see anyone there. (Sorry!)
  • Hint to students: if you ask me to write you a reference letter “for tomorrow” and I actually say yes, despite the fact I would prefer some advance warning, and I ask you to email me some basic information… don’t email me the information I asked for at 2:30am of the day you’re supposed to pick up the letter, especially when it’s my busiest day on that week. Because that is shooting yourself in the foot… twice.
  • Trying to figure out a way to get to the wedding of one of my dear old friends, in just a few short weeks. Gaah!

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