No Tokyo For You! (Er, Meaning Me…)

A couple of factors combined to make the potential trip to Tokyo that I mentioned here unworkable. (Not the least, a great deal of uncertainty until, well, this morning about whether I’d need this or that or the other thing to get the code number I’m supposed to get in order to do my visa run.)

Now I have stuff going on this week, stuff to get done, people to see and places to be — heh, even an orientation tomorrow, which will probably be several hours of incomprehensibility to whatever foreign profs actually make it there — so the soonest I’ll be getting to Japan will be next Monday.

(And even so, I’ll have to miss at least one or two events to actually do my visa run. Events I didn’t know were happening until today, or still don’t officially know about, but I don’t feel too badly, since it wasn’t me who failed to announce the events, and it wasn’t me who left the visa application process to what is essentially the last minute. Realistically, what can I do? That is, besides shrug and go on abotu my business…)

I’ll probably be there for most of next week, depending on a bunch of factors like time, money, weather, productivity (sometimes being in an unfamiliar places gets me writing more, sometimes it stops me altogether), and so on. But this will be my last chance to be outside of Korea till summer — my first break in a long time, as I didn’t travel this holiday — so I do plan on enjoying it as much as I can.

To those who wanted to meet up in or near Tokyo: sorry, but I’ll try make it there again sometime soon.  To those in Busan: I’ll be contacting you soon about meeting up either before or after I go to Fukuoka.

By the way, anyone with recommendations of things to see or do in Fukuoka, please do comment! I’d be glad of it. I’m not sure I’m up for anything too strenuous, but some recommended sights, or neat shops, restaurants,  or whatever, would be nice. Anything to pass the time interestingly.

2 thoughts on “No Tokyo For You! (Er, Meaning Me…)

  1. Gord, you could try the lake and the adjacent castle. There is also a small but nice Japanese garden at the south end of the lake. These things are between the consulate and the downtown area. It makes for a nice walk after you pick up your passport. Also, just across the main drag to the south east of the lake is a small temple complex.

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