Other Good Movies I’ve Seen Lately

I should add — some non-SF films I’ve seen lately were: Nixon. Well, I haven’t finished it, yet, but I enjoyed what I saw. Anthony Hopkins, damn, that man can act. New York, I Love You. A fine omnibus of shorts, this was like a collection of flash fiction set in what seems like a […]

Trotsky: A Graphic Biography by Rick Geary

I remember, when I took a film course as an undergraduate, studying with a professor named Don Kerr. When we watched The Birth of a Nation he read to us from the local newspaper in Saskatoon, an article dating back to the film’s release there. I still recall the amusement shared by all when the […]

For you Home Brewers out there…

… or anyone interested in beer, brewing, and associated lore. I doubt the whole book will be of interest, but these few pages I typed out are probably at least a little bit interesting if you’re a brewer: From Roles of the Northern Goddess by Hida Ellis Davidson. London: Routledge, 1998. (from the Chapter titled […]

Hugo Bids? Send the Sofa Some Love

I’m not really campaigning for a Hugo or a Nebula or anything like that, folks. 2009 was a very slow year for me, and the short story competition is huge. I love both of my published stories from 2009, but I’m much more excited about the stories coming out in 2010. Still, I guess I’m […]

Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle

It is almost certainly unfair to Guy Delisle that reviewers will compare this book with his earlier Pyongyang, for that latter graphic novel was a major achievement, and for me at least, it represented something new in the world of comics. I read it in wonder, a few years ago, amazed at how Delisle managed […]