The Cleanest Race by B.R. Myers

I include the title of this book here for record-keeping only. I am writing a review of the book for The Kyoto Journal, so I will not be posting a review here. I will, however, note that it is quite an interesting book, and despite its shortcomings, I do think it’s worth your while to read it if you would like to know more about the mythic components of the North Korean ideology. Once it sees print, I’ll announce it here.

4 thoughts on “The Cleanest Race by B.R. Myers

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I just got the book a few weeks ago, and the review may not yet go into print for some time, depending on when I can get it submitted to the Kyoto Journal. I’m trying for soon, but some reviews flow and others kick one’s ass. I’m about to discover which one this is…

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