Elizabeth Moon on Islam “Citizenship”

I don’t know Elizabeth Moon personally, I don’t know her work, and I don’t have a clue whether her recent post (from a couple of weeks ago) ought to come as much of a surprise. I do know that there is some really questionable, problematic stuff in her post titled “Citizenship” — and as much […]

Saisons: Belgian Beer and Global Warming

Homebrewing has bloomed again to the level of an obsession. I have a couple of books coming my way which elucidate the secrets of the Belgians–Stan Hieronymous’s book on Trappist Monk brewing, and another on Farmhouse Ales. But something dawned on me quite a while ago, which I recently worked into the plot synopsis for […]

Enphoned Once More…

Well, I once more have a phone. It took until this afternoon, and the phone isn’t fixed, but someone realized that, hey, maybe we don’t need to keep the phone till the replacement arrives. Maybe the guy should take it back and use it till we get the replacement? Yes, maybe. So I have a […]


So the other day, I got a chance (apparently rare!) to see the film Bang[g]a-Bang[g]a. I’d seen the poster around, but had I not been told about the wacky screening schedule, I’d have missed it completely. If you haven’t seen it and plan to, I strongly encourage you. I don’t think the film is perfect, […]

Phoneless Till Friday (Probably)

The thing I’m going to complain about isn’t that the KT shop gave me a note with the address for the service center, but didn’t write the name of the service center (so it was impossible to find and I went to the wrong place, because guess what? All Apple products except iPhones are serviced […]