Yeah, for you Errol Morris fans, that’s a double-gobble: Well, here are some links for you to gobble down, and think about later: I’m a little dubious about the idea we’ll have enough energy to fuel anything as expansive as what is discussed in this video featuring a talk by Jesse Schell (a Carnegie Mellon University Professor), but I […]

Enphoned Once More…

Well, I once more have a phone. It took until this afternoon, and the phone isn’t fixed, but someone realized that, hey, maybe we don’t need to keep the phone till the replacement arrives. Maybe the guy should take it back and use it till we get the replacement? Yes, maybe. So I have a […]

Missed Call?

If you tried to call me just now? I dropped my phone while answering your call, and it shut off (because the battery is needing to be replaced.) I have no record of your call. Just in case. Try me again.

Got a Call from Starbucks Korea… :)

Right, so after my message the other day to Starbucks Seattle, I got a very courteous, polite, apologetic, and professional call this afternoon from someone at Starbucks Korea, who works in marketing and who gave me the lowdown on this story, after getting a call from Seattle sometime today. She told me that the Alien […]

Various Bitlets

I’m subscribed to a couple of hundred feeds over at Newsgator, but I have been seriously, seriously behind on nearly all of them — including the feeds of some close friends. I was just overwhelmed over the past year or so, and fell behind on everything. Anyway, in the past few days I chopped the […]