About that MBC Parody Video

A good long time ago, James at The Grand Narrative urged me to write about the things I discuss below. I thought it was a good idea, but relented at first, thinking that maybe I might get fired the way Gerry Bevers was for posting about Dokdo. Then I got busy, and stayed busy. Then […]

Project Online Grocery Ordering: Success! (#1?)

Well, I promised an update when I finally managed to make an online grocery order all on my own, and today, that was my biggest achievement. The lucky site was…. Emart. As I related a while back (first here, then here), Homeplus rapidly fixed one text field on its website when Lime ranted about how […]

Got a Call from Starbucks Korea… :)

Right, so after my message the other day to Starbucks Seattle, I got a very courteous, polite, apologetic, and professional call this afternoon from someone at Starbucks Korea, who works in marketing and who gave me the lowdown on this story, after getting a call from Seattle sometime today. She told me that the Alien […]