Brettanomyces, Brettanomyces…

I didn’t mention that, along with several beery events this past weekend, like supplying the beer for a gathering of Korean SF fans, authors, and translators, and attending the wonderful IPA Jubilation event in Kyeongnidan Saturday night, I also met up with Bryan and David, a couple of local brewers, to keg the beers we […]

Movies I’ve Seen Lately

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen a few movies I thought were pretty good, though not as good as a lot of people seem to think. Indeed, even Miss Jiwaku has been more thrilled with them than I’ve been. The three I’m thinking about were: Limitless, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, and Cabin in […]

Anti-English Spectrum vs. the Asiatic Exclusion League

For those who think that the Anti-English Spectrum fanatics are bad, well, I agree. I personally think they’re a significant part of the reason why Korean society, which used to be pretty positive towards Westerners on a one-on-one level, has gotten increasingly hostile with every passing year I’ve spent here. (And yes, I’ll stand by […]

Spent Grain Cooking and Baking

So, I’ve been brewing again, which means I’ve been producing spent grains again. I don’t like to waste the grains, but disposing of them has become difficult. Until the spring, I was able to hand them over to my friend Mark, who has a worm farm and who used to sun-dry the grains to use […]

Citrachi Brewday: Wonmisan Citradelic Rebrew

Today, I knew I had to brew something hoppy, but I wasn’t sure what at first. I have a limited number of kegs to rack beer into, and several full batches of beer to rack; while I can get away with leaving one of my Saisons on the yeast a week or two more, it’s […]