Please Help Us Out!

If you didn’t already know, I’m part of the Brutal Rice Productions group. Actually, Brutal Rice is me and Miss Jiwaku. And we’re shooting a film next weekend. Here’s the thing: We’re trying to make an outstanding Korean SF movie. There have been a couple of really good ones — The Host, Save the Green […]

Xander and Anya, Willow and Tara, Giles and Jenny and that Woman Who’s Scared Off…

So Miss Jiwaku and I finished watching the full series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer — it was her first time all the way through, and my second — a few weeks ago. I tried to sum up the experience, but it was pretty difficult. Hundreds of hours of fairly iconic TV don’t really boil down so easily as all that. There’s a lot I could talk about, but I figure I can post a few different things as they come to me, or as they come to me.

Today, what I’m interested is “nonstandard” relationships, and how I see them explored in the show.

A Dicey Situation (Buying Gaming Dice in South Korea)

UPDATE (13 Nov. 2014): I’m guessing this is your cheapest option for polyhedral dice in South Korea now. There are also polyhedral sets that aren’t too expensive, if you poke around on Gmarket. UPDATE (27 Nov. 2012): Got the polyhedral dice. The place I ordered the six-sided dice from took a few extra days to get those […]

And Soon, We Shoot

You’ll have to forgive me for doing something today that I don’t often do: being (relatively) brief. I’m busy, is why. I am now grading essays from midterms — a few weeks late, I’ll admit — and then I’ll be storyboarding the film we start shooting our next short film project in Bucheon at the […]