“Portraits” Completed, and More Thoughts on Musescore

I mentioned recently that I was working on digitizing my compositions from back in my music student days. Well, I finished another piece earlier, and decided to upload it tonight: Portraits for Two Bass Clarinets (1995) by Gord Sellar (Complete score in PDF format) There’s a recording of the premiere performance of the piece (and, […]

Articles on Korean SF in _list Magazine

This entry is part 62 of 67 in the series SF in South Korea

For those interested in South Korean SF, but unable to read it themselves (like me) you will be interested in the little treasure trove of articles I’ve just run across on the subject. They were published as part of the Summer 2013 issue of the magazine _List, which appears to be published by the Literature […]

Another Update, Another Theme Borked

Well, I updated WordPress. Like clockwork, another stylesheet bit the dust: fonts were all whacked out, menus not working properly, and who knows what else. It was a bit disappointing, but it seems inevitable these days, and at least replacement templates that (mostly) work straight out of the box are common enough. I’ve settled for […]

Brief Note-(ation)

UPDATE (28 Feb 2014): Digitization completed. The file is available here, along with my comments on the software and more. UPDATE (27 Feb. 2014):  Well, I’ve finished the first movement, (sparse) dynamics and all. Here it is!  When I’ve finished all three movements, I’ll update again, combine the PDFs into a single file, and add […]