Two Interesting Cases of Female Cross-Dressing in History

Most of the time, one hears about male cross-dressers; one runs across female cross-dressers primarily in Shakespeare plays. But lately, I’ve run across two interesting cases of women dressing up as men, that seem worth sharing: First is Mary Hamilton, who was the subject of a pamphlet by Henry Fielding titled The Female Husband in […]

A.M. 11:00 (11 A.M.)

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Well, I finally sat down and watched the Korean Sf film A.M. 11:00 with Mrs. Jiwaku last night. It’s a time travel outing I heard about (and mentioned here) ages ago; delays on film releases never bode well, but I thought the premise sounded promising, so we gave it  a shot anyway. Sadly, it was […]


I’ve been busy for a while now, sorting through things, getting writing done, and so on. I’ve wanted to post about the Sewol Ferry Disaster for a while, but finding an appropriate way of saying what I think about this horrifying and heartbreaking situation is hard work, and I’ve been busy with other very pressing […]

Daerijeon Soundtrack–Insight Strikes!

So, I had a realization the other day, while trying to wrap my brain around this project I’m working on. Essentially, the insight came in two steps. I was talking to my wife about creative ways to get around the fact we’re missing clips and video content that was originally mandated in the screenplay for […]

Hacked, Hacking, Hackers

The weirdest bit of today: I was finishing writing a story about a hacked, er, “computer”–it’s a mechanika story, but not an obvious one, so “hacked computer” means something much more steampunk than you might think: –when several friends alerted me to the fact that my Twitter account had been hacked. And earlier today, I’d […]