If I Were a Wraith…

In the course of overhauling this site, I ran across an old character sheet I’d done up for what I’d be like if I were a character in the game Wraith: The Oblivion, which was my favorite RPG game back in the old days. Which sounds both dorky and gloomy, since most characters in Wraith […]

Pon Farr Fan Video?

It’s funny — I just heard of Pon farr for the first time ever (from my friend Charles) this week — did you know Ted Sturgeon created that concept? Yes he did! — and then I see this (probably very NSFW, due to the lyrics) video: [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/3uxTpyCdriY” width=”425″ height=”344″ allowfullscreen=”true” fvars=”fs=1″ /] Told you […]

Seoul 2008 SF&F Festival Report

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Seoul 2008 SF&F Festival Report I promised a report on the micro-con I mentioned here and attended last weekend, but it’s taken me a little time to get the photos I wanted to post along with it. (This text was written on Monday, but I didn’t get through the photos until today.) The set I’ve […]

“the tops […] are comprised of two pieces, with a very dark grey (almost black) undershirt and the over shirt of the appropriate color, with a slight v-neck”

Remember when Thomas Disch wrote (in The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of) that in SF, about the singular importance of fashion in SFnal (and other pop entertainment) media? About the “pajamas” of Trek as singularly important to viewers, communicative of a kind of harmonious conformity that is especially resonant to those discovering Trek at […]