d12 of Divination, d4 of Sheep-Ankle

You know those ancient d20s they found in Roman and Greco-Egyptian excavations?   Well, this isn’t as cool as that, but I’ve just run across a reference (in Jim Baker’s The Cunning Man’s Handbook, which I posted about recently) to a Renaissance-era d12, and it was used for… divination, of course. (Dice seem to have been used both in divination and […]

Magic, Science, Inconsistency, and the Principle of Acceptable Variance

I’m enjoying Jim Baker’s The Cunning Man’s Handbook, an exhaustive look at the practices of the cunning folk in England (and to some degree America) from 1550-1900, which I’m reading as research for the book I’m writing now (which has a cunning woman as a major character). Baker’s text is full of (ie. basically, completely composed of) […]