The Language of Dispute

I suggested to Lime that once the “honeymoon phase” of our relationship dwindles down, we may find that occasionally we’ll have arguments, like any couple. But, I reasoned, using either English or Korean would be unfair, as it would give one of us an unfair advantage. Given that we’re both quite smart, and both quite […]

Paucity Expected

I’m expecting a few days of very low-content posting here. Why? I’m gonna finish writing my essay “Waxing Fanonical” on the forces that shape relationships between Koreans and white foreigners in Korea sometime this weekend or next week. I’m working on a post for New Sophists’ Almanac as well, about genre and art. If you’re […]

My WOD profile

WOD (World of Darkness) was a roleplaying game I used to play back in undergrad in Canada. While I had the main books for each game in the series, I usually ran the ghost-stories game, Wraith. However, it seems that according to these quizzes I completed, I am more naturally tuned to a different game […]