The Ban

So this is a post about Korea, which I usually file under “Gord’s Life” which I intend on splitting into other categories later. But anyway, the thing I’m writing about is political. As most Korean bloggers and fans know, the government has blocked access to a whole host of blogs, including blogger’s blogspot-hosted sites. Here’s […]

Poll Time

I mentioned in the last post that the results of my last poll suggested that most voters (60%) wanted me to bring an assortment of winter survival gear and some French girls from Quebec to Korea when I return. You can see full results here. I can only assume the respondents are mainly lonely expat […]

Banking Outside Seoul Time

And an update on why I couldn’t access my Woori Bank account using my Hanvit Bank (now Woori Bank) International Debit Card. It’s not that there was a network problem, like when the Woori Bank network was down earlier this week. (Yes, my bank’s network actually goes down sometimes. This was the second time I […]