Do We Have What It Takes? F5

From the daring mind of Mojave66: What are the five things you think that humanity needs in order to survive and evolve into a peaceful civilization? “Things” could mean a philosophy, a technology, a spiritual perspective, a type of government… anything. This is not such a hard question. I think humanity needs very little to […]

On the eve of 1000

That’s right, this is post #1000 here at eclexys. I’m just posting a little link because I really must get to bed soon. I spent all evening editing the letter to the editor which you can see in the previous post, and tomorrow morning Lime and I leave for our (short) trip to SongGwangSa, a […]

Letter To The Editor

*UPDATE*: This letter is on the Korea Times’ website! It might even be in the newspaper today, though I won’t get a chance to check until tomorrow… Here’s the published letter, which is under Thoughts of the Times. From the BigHominid’s Hairy Chasms a nasty stench was emitted, which was regarding this opinion piece in […]