Do We Have What It Takes? F5

From the daring mind of Mojave66: What are the five things you think that humanity needs in order to survive and evolve into a peaceful civilization? “Things” could mean a philosophy, a technology, a spiritual perspective, a type of government… anything. This is not such a hard question. I think humanity needs very little to […]

On Censorship the Civil Society letter: PUBLISHED!

For those who don’t reread old posts, you’ll miss a big update here, so I’m re-posting the info here… my letter to the Korea Times was published, at least on their website, under the Thoughts of the Times column, and you can view it here. Ooops, except I guess they found a title a little […]

On the eve of 1000

That’s right, this is post #1000 here at eclexys. I’m just posting a little link because I really must get to bed soon. I spent all evening editing the letter to the editor which you can see in the previous post, and tomorrow morning Lime and I leave for our (short) trip to SongGwangSa, a […]

Letter To The Editor

*UPDATE*: This letter is on the Korea Times’ website! It might even be in the newspaper today, though I won’t get a chance to check until tomorrow… Here’s the published letter, which is under Thoughts of the Times. From the BigHominid’s Hairy Chasms a nasty stench was emitted, which was regarding this opinion piece in […]