Done, Fun, Thinking Some

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Aigo! It was a week ago tomorrow that I presented my paper at the 4th International Congress of Korean Studies. The experience was my first — I’d never presented anything at any sort of conference before — but I was told that nobody could have guessed it. I suppose being a windbag has its benefits, […]

Got a Copy?

UPDATE: I have a couple of copies coming in the post from the KH — thanks Matt — but if you have a clipping and you were saving it for me, don’t chuck it. I’ll take it from you next time we meet. Thanks! By the way, though I mentioned my essay in the Korea […]

The Irony of the Universe

So today, my essay on “Fending off Discontentment” is in the Korea Herald. It’s part three of a discussion that started on Tuesday here, and continued on Wednesday here. You can also read the essay online here. Roboseyo has posted a bunch of links to the original posts in the discussion, including the series of […]

Yaar, Free Booty

Shimmerzine did a pirate issue last year. Today’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. (Well, in US time it still is.) You can download a PDF of that issue of the magazine free here. Er, mates. It’s booty, it’s free. Go get it! And while you’re at it,  pick up a copy of the current issue, […]