Start Wearing Purple

I know, I know, I’m way behind. Anyway, somewhere in the comment boards at Scott Eric Kaufman’s excellent Acephalous–my favorite, er, can I call it an “academic blog”?–someone teased Kaufman, asking “d’you think you maybe like Gogol Bordello too much?“ Which made me immediately go and look ’em up, and man am I glad I […]


UPDATE: Hollyday apparently is still out there. He’s been teaching school for a while now, but (according to articles more recent that the one I linked, but which I can’t find now) he is apparently thinking of recording again, maybe making a comeback of sorts, though not on the scale of his original, brief career […]

Nominated for a Golden Klog

Several, actually, much to my surprise… considering I haven’t been writing much at all about Korea. (Well, not since, oh, say, October, but still.) The Golden Klogs are awards for Korea-based (mostly? all?) English-language blogs, being hosted at Korea Sparkle. I’ve been nominated (or co-nominated in one case) in a number of categories. If you […]

Visa Run: Tokyo?

Okay, so Tokyo can be expensive, I know. But a guy I know from back in undergrad (yes, you Malcolm) suggested it probably wouldn’t be much more expensive to visit than Fukuoka or Osaka, and there is more to do in and around Tokyo. (And it turns out return flight tickets to Tokyo for mid-late […]


Contract signed. I’m now on the tenure track, and somehow, subtly, professor describes my job title and not just my job. I’ve just came back from having coffee with the two other foreign profs who got signed on at the same time I did, and we had a good talk about the whole thing. It’s […]