Good Times in the Realms (and Other Places)

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Continuing on my memories and reflections on RPGing as a hobby in my life… A few days ago, I ran across some fanfic I wrote in middle school. It was fanfic for someone else’s world, but not for a movie–though I’d been writing that (for Ghostbusters and, thinly veiled, The Neverending Story/The Princess Bride) for […]

What Is and Isn’t Fun About a Sigmoid Endscopy

Don’t worry, I won’t give you the gory details, but: WHAT’S NOT FUN ABOUT A SIGMOID ENDOSCOPY… Er, well, there’s the obvious. Like, those alien abduction reportees? They picked a doozy of a procedure for their imaginary aliens to perform on them. (1) Various other minor side effects afterward, like, er, well, scentless flatulence (2) […]

This is Just to Say

I have boiled up the syrup that was in the tin can and which will now soon become India Pale Ale. The adjuncts: Indonesian gula, so sweet, and wheat malt. * The rest can’t fit into the poem (and, oh, apologies to William Carlos Williams), but here are the details for beerheads on my currently […]

Addendum: The Gorbals Vampire & More

This is an addendum to a previous post. I recommend you go read that first, and then follow the link at the end of the post to read this one. However, if you’ve already checked that out, then have at:

Online Gaming Kills Baby (A Korean Media Fairytale)

UPDATE: I’ve added an addendum to this article. The link is, appropriately, at the end. ORIGINAL POST: Here’s something on the ongoing theme of gaming, since I’ve been writing about that. A few weeks ago, my friend Marc Laidlaw (who barely blogs, but here you go), who is not only a speculative fiction writer but […]