Two-Day Brewday (Day 1): Fruitcake Ale

It’s Christmastime! Well, for brewers, anyway: if you’re making anything to be consumed around Christmas, and you haven’t already gotten around to brewing it, now would be a good time. For me, Saturday would actually have been a better time, but I was a bit sick, and the mill-shop where I have my grains crushed […]

A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge

Every novel I read by Vinge seems to me to be better than the last. Maybe it’s because I started with earlier work, or maybe it’s just the impression that each of his books gives me. But one thing is for certain: A Deepness in the Sky certainly is a hell of a novel, space […]

The Clockworks of Hanyang

“The Clockworks of Hanyang” appeared in The Immersion Book of Steampunk, edited by Gareth D Jones and Carmelo Rafala (Immersion Press, September 2011). It was reprinted in Sean Wallace’s anthology The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures in the fall of 2014. This story was my response to the discussion I ran across in 2010 of the revisionist historiography that […]

The Pain of Prescience That Missed the Train

When I was at the Clarion West workshop back in 2006, Vernor Vinge (our last instructor) spent a certain amount of time talking about the idea of “future-proofing” an SFnal story. The idea is that, since you’re talking about the future, you’re likely to get a bunch of things quite wrong. Anyone who’s read older SF […]