Mrs. Jiwaku and I have had a crazily busy week. I’ve spent the last few weeks sorting through my books, because of all my worldly posessions, my books are the most numerous.  However, clothing and papers that haven’t been sorted through in ages come a close second! Came, actually. I’m terrible at getting rid of […]

Seoul Cthulhu Festival of Film: 28 Feb 2012

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UPDATE (8 March 2013): This event was a huge success, selling out all the seats in the cinema to a very appreciative audience. We’re happy it was so well-received, and hope that it will inspire the organization of similar such events in future! I’ll post photos when I get the chance… ORIGINAL POST: Fans of […]


That last post? Wasn’t supposed to be published. Will explain more when I’m not on a movie set. Think Jeff Foxworthy… but I’ve updated it now, with context. I’ll leave this as a record of having goofed up, though.

Smooth? Are You Kidding?

Okay, okay, I’m foolish. Fine. I was hoping out last couple of weeks on campus would be smooth sailing. Today, while in Seoul sorting out some paperwork, I encountered a really nice guy–a cabbie who was in his seventies, who was a real character. He was a cabbie who seemed to also fancy himself a […]

On The Way Out…

So, we’re now at two weeks until the day we’re supposed to leave our apartment. There’s an unspecified number of days after that, during which we’ll still be in Korea, but not in our apartment. I’m not sure where we’ll be, but it won’t be on campus. This means we’re in the thick of packing, […]