Sexy Bath Party Game?


One thing I’ve noticed since coming to Vietnam is that the internet is way more spam-laden. I never saw a quarter so much spam in Korea as I do here, and I’m not sure why my spam-blockers don’t prevent the popup windows like they (presumably) did in Korea. A lot of the spam is for […]

Delany on “Talented Writing”

Marc Laidlaw recently shared a link on Facebook to a post on “Good Writing vs. Talented Writing”over on Brainpickings featuring some ideas by Samuel Delany. Essentially, Delany draws a line between “good writing” and superior “talented writing”: The talented writer often uses specifics and avoids generalities — generalities that his or her specifics suggest. Because they […]

Proliferating Profiles…

Try saying that three times in a row, as quickly as you can. Those who actually click through to the website will notice a few new icons have turned up in my sidebar among the social media links. I’ve started tracking my daily music practice in a public notebook at Evernote; I’ve got an […]

On Rich Young People Today…

…for a value of today dating back to Mary Wollstonecraft’s tenure as a governess, and courtesy of Ruth Brandon’s book Governess: The Lives and Times of the Real Jane Eyres: Mary found them quite uncultivated, with no topics of conversation other than dress, dogs and marriage. To which Mrs. Jiwaku immediately exclaimed: “It’s Korea!” Meaning South […]