Sawing Off the Brakes

The other day, I saw this xkcd webcomic someplace: I was reminded of it when, going through some old posts and tidying up some messed-up Youtube embed code (from a plugin long dead and gone), I saw a little manifesto I wrote about culture, art, and creativity, “Pearls Before Swine, Or, The Time Has Come […]

The Art of the Monologue

Mrs. Jiwaku and I are currently watching (for me, re-watching) the TV series Dead Like Me. I have to say, the writing is pretty good, especially after the first few episodes. In the first season’s penultimate episode, the characters are sorting through a ton of paperwork, inputting the last thoughts of the souls they’ve reaped […]


A spray of links and goodies. I’ve been saving up. The Shining: Since watching Room 237: … and then rewatching The Shining, I’ve been a little fascinated with the film, and a lot fascinated with others’ (often slightly-to-very-crazy) fascination with it: Staircases to Nowhere: a documentary on the making of the film, with interviews of the […]

Sorted! (…I Think?)

So: if you’re like me, and you started your blog a long, long time ago, and you’re having trouble with CPU Minutes usage? Don’t do what I did. I did a million other things, including all the things my hosting company suggested. And then, at wit’s end, I noticed some php script being called by […]

다방 밴드 Flashbacks

A post announcing the publication of a memorial website for a band I played in back in Korea… plus photos from back in those days, and some reminiscences.