Scripted… Now, About the Angle?

The ether is off somewhere feasting on the original version of this post, which was longer than this one will be. I won’t complain about it, since this very rarely happens to me, and the software I’m using is free, but it does explain why I’m being so terse in this post. (I’m going to […]

The Music of Jo Hyeja: Accepted, World Premiere Upcoming!

So, I announced this news on Twitter and Facebook a little over a week ago, but didn’t get around to announcing it here. Our short film “The Music of Jo Hyeja” has been accepted for the Los Angeles HP Lovecraft Film Festival. It will be the film’s World Premiere, and as a Lovecraftian movie, it’s […]

The Music of Jo Hyeja is a Go…

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Well, I claimed that I got a lot less done this past summer in terms of my writing than I’d hoped — since I’d been hoping to draft a novel — but in fact, I did pull off something in my writing that I’m very pleased with: a script for a short Korean film adaptation […]

My Korean Drama

Just a couple of posts ago I bragged about the Korean play I wrote, and which the teachers performed at camp the other day. Well, for those interested, here is the file. And I’ve written more about the play and how/why it was put together, over at the collective Let’s Learn Korean blog. UPDATE, 4th […]