Pumpkin Carving

Well, I carved pumpkins tonight at the Jeonju pre-Halloween Jack O’Lantern carving party at the Deep-in. It was strange at first: I started to feel a little blue, because of memories about the last time I carved pumpkins. I was looking at happy people around me, and trying to be happy with them, chat with […]

Evolution is NOT A Theory. Period.

I’ll say it again. Evolution is not a theory. Evolution is something we know happened. We see it happen in nature even now, with creatures like cichlids in Lake Malawi, who speciate unusually rapidly. We see plenty of evidence for it in the fossil record. Anyone who spends any amount of time looking at the […]

Right, Left, and Wrong About History

So I was reading this article about how Francis Fukuyama’s declaration of the coming of the End of History when the Berlin Wall came down is something that seems, retrospectively, naive and totally mistaken. The article is called Why History Has No End by Victor Davis Hanson and it’s online over at City Journal. Never […]


Wow! Well, it seems like the ESL section of my website is more popular than I imagined. There are tons of teachers out there doing what we teachers do best… stealing goodies from other teachers, namely me. It makes me happy to see it going on. Another teacher, in New Zealand, has sent me some […]

Now listen to Han Young Ae

I mentioned listening to some wonderful music on Saturday night. Well, it seems that the gods of the Internet have seen fit to deliver unto my my hard drive the full album Behind Time: A Memory Left in an Alley by Young Ae Han, a somewhat older Korean singer. While my younger friends will probably […]