Really Really Dumbass Email

I’m working on a summary of the trip so far, but I’ve been pretty busy so I am gonna try finish that tomorrow, and maybe post some pics if there is time… … but for now… Well, now that I’ve been in India for a week, it’s begun: emails from students asking me to fix […]


This week’s Friday Five is a free-throw about Christmas! So I’m going to do my best to say five interesting things about that holiday in the next few paragraphs. Your first Christmas alone can be hell. Mine was. A cheap bottle of Japanese heated periodically through the day, and a lot of long-distance calls, made […]

Islamic Onion

This is kind of a Muslim version of The Onion. Heh. For those of you who don’t know The Onion, what rathole have you been living in? Go see The Onion too.

Jacko X?

Okay, what? This is just toooooooo weird. I wonder sometimes how one is supposed to write SF anymore, given how bizarre the real world is. But don’t get me started on Bushie, I won’t stop…