The Show

We played that benefit concert tonight. In general, things went very well. When we accompanied HongJae in his “performance art” piece, the music sounded really cool; while I noodled on Nepali flute and make my Tibetan singing bowl sing, Myoung and Thai played percussion(Thai on his Uzbek drum and some Nepali cymbals of Myoung’s, and […]

Teachers Who Have Availed Me Much

This week Sir Adam of Lipscomb asked: Going through some old papers my parents brought from their house last week, I found several notes to my parents from teachers I’d had growing up. I got to thinking about the legions of teachers I had for the first 21 years of my life, and wondered: Who […]


Yes, I am home from my work meeting and the many ridiculous things discussed there are sinking in slowly. I will only recount one moment of the discussion, and it should encapsulate a lot of what I think needs to be addressed in the educational (and for that matter the political) arena in Korea if […]

Another Foreigner in Korea

I like the way this William Beckerson guy tells his stories, I like the art on his site too. It’s worth a look-see. And he’s an alumnus of the Korean hagwon experience, no less.

last poll results

Here are the results for the last poll! Now, please be sure to vote in the new one to the right in the sidebar! What should America do with Saddam? Votes Put him in a cage and fatten him up so George Bush can eat him.  11% 1 Promote him to the head of the […]