These Days…

These days I find myself quite busy, surprisingly busy in fact, considering school has not begun yet. I’m still working on getting that last twenty-odd pages for my novel written, but I think I may have to wait till Sunday to get that done. I’ve got band rehearsals every night now, because we have a […]

Family Expansion

Well, a few days ago my sister informed me that she’s engaged, which means I am going to go to Canada in late June for the wedding. And now, today, my other sister just sent me the following image in an email: You can guess what that means. Seems like the family will be gaining […]

Playing Catchup

Well, now I really am back in Korea. Let’s see, what things am I playing catchup on? Well, finding out what’s been going on in my friends’ lives, for one. So many phone calls. I’ve just changed phones, so I’m going to have to look into getting calls forwarded to my new phone number, which […]