Back in Saskatoon

Well, let’s see now. I am back in Saskatoon, and I have a few interesting surprises that have come to my attention: My income tax wasn’t filed in 2001. I’ll chalk it up to a miscommunication between my parents and myself, but I do wish they’d told me when they got aan extremely threatening letter […]

F5s catchup

A little behind on these things, I have decided to do two in one sitting, which means terser answers than usual. Last week’s question, from Rob, was this: Five instances of you opening your mouth as wide as humanly possible and inserting your foot. No false modesty please. This shouldn’t be hard. I’m more careful […]

Trip so far

Okay, my thoughts so far: Seeing Helen and Ann has been good. Victoria is a very very Aryan island. Vancouver, conversely, is a very heterogenous place. Very diverse. I’m shocked at how that culture-shocked me. (I doubt it will continue in Saskatoon.) Gay people (EDIT: or is it just young, trendy people in Vancouver? Judging […]