From Somewhere Near Khao San

Hey. We made it here, last night, exhausted but in one piece. We just got tickets to Krabi tomorrow, and beach beach beach. I must be old or something, as this appeals to me more than it used to. Or maybe I’m just looking forward to getting out of Bangkok. The part I’m in hasn’t […]

By the Way

There’s one more little clause in my contract which I need to consider carefully when running this site… I am not allowed to disparage the Church of its teachings. I am assuming this means in-class, but given that my name, googled, leads directly to this site, it seems some of my rants on theology shall […]

Scalzi’s SF Film List

If you are a regular reader of blogs, you might have encountered the Scalzi SF films list at places like Ethel the Frog, Byzantium’s Shores, or Pharyngula (or at Scalzi’s own site, of course). The meme as it is online now is to bold the ones you’ve seen. So here goes: The Adventures of Buckaroo […]

St. Etienne’s Song

The one I’m thinking of remains in my memory only as a title: “Can’t Sleep”. I can’t sleep right now, so I thought I would share in some of the amusements of camp. Whilst teachers enjoyed the remnants of a huge fire from earlier in the evening: … Shawn decided, not having shown his manhood […]