It Feels Silly to Say So…

… but I’m relieved at this quiz result: Which OS are You? I mean, really, I’m Ubuntu, but, whatever. Ubuntu’s made out of Debian, so it all works out to the same.


Some crazy tech application going on here. Text messages from your phone to screen displays in a bunch of places across the States. Can’t message from Korea, though. Digitally, and telephonically, still somewhat of a Hermit Kingdom. I remember while in India seeing my friend Ritu getting txt messages on her phone from senders abroad, […]


That’s my guess as to what percent of one of my teeth was drilled out today. The dentist told me it had some “slight decay” a few weeks ago in the second upper left molar. Turned out, once he drilled out the old, crappy amalgam filling, the cavity was very, very deep. He said as […]

Jazz Chords and Student Essays

Some writing about music lately on various blogs brought back a memory from the first week of University. I was enrolled in the Department of Music, and all first-year music students were required to study music theory. My professor, the very theoretical Naida Archer, had this test that everyone had to take. I can’t remember […]

Feeling Vaguely More Well-Travelled Now

I rarely draw attention to the photo section on this page, since I’m a horridly slow photo-uploader. I have piles of pics to upload to Flickr, and won’t be getting to any of them for a little while yet. (Though I’ll try to upload Charlie’s wedding pictures, and pics from my visit with Ian, first… […]