Rubrics, Rubik’s

It always struck me as weird that EFL teachers, once they get trained, start using technical terminology that sounds silly. Like “Rubric”, which always meant “lesson” in the old days but now seems to be “ranking system” or “evaluation system”, especially one with explicit markers to measure competency level. Me, I’m growing fundamentally opposed to […]

Writing Up a Storm

My progress bar plugin congratulated me today for writing up a storm, but I accept no responsibility for the downpour that’s been falling off-and-on over the last few days. I have been writing a lot, though. I just polished off a 2nd redraft (meaning a 4th draft total) of a story that’s still being called […]

Clarion West 2006

Here’s a website, created by Tina, tracking sales by my Clarion West 2006 classmates, as well as providing links to their various webpages and so on. Go have a look: Clarion West 2006.

Death threats against bloggers are NOT…

Not cool. Not acceptable. Not to be tolerated. Blogger Kathy Sierra at Creating Passinate Users has apparently been receiving death threats, and having her likeness posted in all kinds of sick, Photoshopped ways. Which is so beyond not cool it makes me feel sick. To my stomach. (via Min Jung Kim‘s site)