7:32pm Posted a tweet on Twitter. @doctorow which .kr publisher? I was recommending it to 박상준 at Omelas as a book Korea badly needs translated now… 7:34pm Posted a tweet on Twitter. Treadmill test result: normal. Heart fine, blood mostly fine; just blood pressure to deal with… Whew. As relieved as is reasonable to be. […]

Worthwhile Stuff For Your Ears and Eyes

Here is some worthwhile stuff to check out, while it’s at the front of my mind: Ears First, a couple of excellent stories in podcast form, by my pals from Clarion West: Pesudopod‘s rendition of the very dark story “The Greatest Adventure of All” by Ian McHugh Beneath Ceaseless Skies‘ rendition of Tina Connolly’s fantasy […]

Dealing with Scammers: Memes and Means

There’s a new meme on Facebook, the Name Game. Well, I don’t know how new it really is, but I hadn’t seen it until this morning. It goes like this: you follow the instructions and generate a bunch of “names” for yourself: Replace my answers with yours and tag as many people as you want […]

Back in One Piece, More or Less

I’m back in Korea. I should have left my camera at home: Fukuoka was rainy and grey, and though being there was pleasant, I didn’t feel like shooting any pictures, so the camera was just unnecessary weight. Will never again travel with my big huge brown briefcase: it’s just too heavy. One other annoyance was […]

On my way to Japan

It’s a lucky thing I didn’t leave as planned. I ended up spending Monday at the hospital. I’m now on high blood pressure medication. Which is good, because it’s managing issues, but it’s hard not to be frustrated and let down by the fact my efforts in the last few months didn’t even dent my health […]