Launch Pad Chat (Book Chatter #17)

My Launch Pad classmate Stacey Cochran hosted a live chat about Launch Pad a while back, and I just realized that I haven’t posted the link for those who missed the chat when I mentioned it on Twitter! Plenty of participants joined in, and it’s worth giving it a listen, whether you’re considering applying for […]

Apex Readers’ Poll and Anthology

Well, the final edit for “The Bodhisattvas” is finally in the can (thanks to Jonathan Strahan for very useful nitpicking and questions), and I’ve been nudged to mention that there’s a reader’s poll over at Apex for the best new fiction piece (“Story of the Year”) of 2009. Tons of good work there, so if […]

What’s Your Major, Mr. Hippocampus?

A discussion of Steven Pinker in the comments for my last post brought up a memory from grad school, and I thought I’d post it here. I was sitting in the little coffee shop/diner place across from the Second Cup on du Parc, up in the McGill Ghetto in Montreal. It was basically my favorite […]

Six Word Story, Ahem,

Not that I consider this a serious publication, but I figured, if Ernest Hemingway (and a bunch of Wired contributors) could do it, so could I. (Arrogant, I know. Well, actually I figured that if he could do it powerfully, I could do something maybe passable.) The result is, I have a “six-word memoir” coming […]

Spider & Jeanne Robinson Fundraiser (& Sofanaut Award Shortlist)

So, the crew of the good Starship Sofa are running a fundraiser for Spider and Jeanne Robinson, for the latter is struggling with a pernicious sort of cancer. If you donate, you can have a copy of Lawrence Santoro’s “Lord Dickens’s Declaration” in ebook form, in addition to the free podcast of the story (starting […]