Spicing for a Belgian Wit

Okay, so, I am now facing the reality that I probably (significantly) overspiced my Belgian Wit, and in exactly the way I didn’t want to — bitterness. Not because of hops: I put in an ounce of Hallertau, which gets me close to (but definitely under) 20 IBUs. That’s fine and well within style for […]

Belgian Brewday: Wonmisan Wit

Today is my first attempt at a Belgian Wit. I’ve only had one example of the style, the inoffensive Hoegaarden Wit available in Korea. (I’m told it is brewed locally, or somewhere in the region, not in Belgium. It’s not bad, it’s just… well, not all that wheaty, or distinctive, or striking.) I’m making my […]


The question of what to brew next is a delicate one. I currently have 11 kegs, in two of which I am bulk aging mead of some kind. In eight of the others, I have, or soon will have, a batch of beer, including one beer I am similarly bulk aging (a dark Saison for […]

Kim Jong Il: Middle-School Fangirl

You know those crazed Korean middle school girls who are fans of big famous idol groups, who hate the idea of their favorite popstar dating some other girl so much that narratives of gay love among those idol stars are popular in their circles? Yeah, well, I don’t know if Kim Jong Il ever put […]