Cloud Atlas (Updated!)

(Note: I’ve added and update, because it turned out I had more to say.) Original Post: Just saw Cloud Atlas. I think Mrs. Jiwaku’s response is a pretty fair one: “It’s a commercial-deep movie.” Which is to say, a commercial movie can only be so deep, but this one tried for that. (So did Life […]

Meditations on Junk, #1: Ugly Koreans/Ugly Americans

I’m flipping through Min Byoung-Chul’s Ugly Koreans/Ugly Americans. (Which is, by the way, insanely overpriced on It’s a sort of typical book in Korea, basically intellectual junk crammed full of East vs. West generalizations and “explanations” by a Korean who doesn’t himself quite grasp what he’s taken upon himself to explain. (Also, to be […]

Eine Kleine Zombiemusik

I’ve just put the finishing touches on the music for Mrs. Jiwaku’s third short film, a zombie movie. Over the course of the project (developing the music, I mean) I’ve posted in-progress clips to Soundcloud, but now I’ve got the final, tidied-up and cleaner tracks up. They are, for the moment, downloadable–in part because Mrs. […]


Well, I just realized that while those on Facebook all know about it, I haven’t mentioned it here, so: I got hitched last weekend. That’s right, Miss Jiwaku is now Mrs. Jiwaku–and in a rather literal way, too, since the inscription in our wedding bands is (in Korean) Jiwaku. For those wondering, that’s an Indonesian […]