Reading the Cantos: A Study of Meaning in Ezra Pound by Noel Stock

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Well, the first book I finished (but not the first book I began to read) in 2013 was Noel Stock’s Reading the Cantos: A Study of Meaning in Ezra Pound. (It’s a little library hardback, one my soon-to-be-former employer’s library by all rights shouldn’t have on hand, but since they did, I decided to plow through […]


Well, I just realized that while those on Facebook all know about it, I haven’t mentioned it here, so: I got hitched last weekend. That’s right, Miss Jiwaku is now Mrs. Jiwaku–and in a rather literal way, too, since the inscription in our wedding bands is (in Korean) Jiwaku. For those wondering, that’s an Indonesian […]