The Mathematics of Happiness

Over on Huffington Post, a recent piece got a lot of attention–at least, if the number of times it came up on my Facebook feed is any indication. The piece, originally posted at wait but why, titled “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy,” analyzes a very simple idea: The members of Generation Y (defined as […]

On Building a Makkeoli Market

Zenkimchi wants Korean promoters to stop calling makkeoli “rice wine” for the very obvious reason that it’s actually not a wine. Of course it’s not rice wine, it’s rice beer (or, yes, specifically “rice ale”), as any brewer can tell you. Of course, he sort of bolts past the point that is very obvious in […]

How High The Ornithology, or, The Contrafact

Well, I was slowed down a little by a crazy ear infection, but I’m back. Here’s my take on two tunes, which are actually kinda-sorta one tune: “How High the Moon” (1940) by Nancy Hamilton (lyrics) & Norman Lewis (music) “Ornithology” (1945) by Charlie Parker & Benny Harris My take on this pair of tunes […]

A Serving of Links

A sampling of what I’ve been digging into lately. Books: Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? Remember how those Fighting Fantasy books by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone added die rolls and character information to that paradigm? Now imagine reading one and not having to flip from one page to another. Imagine one that takes […]

The Ragged Edge

Lately, I’ve been reconsidering a lot of my preconceptions of story and of writing. Today, I want to talk about one of them, and that one is: control.