Mishmash – #RPGaDay 2017, Day 30

August is RPGaDay month. Yep, a month solid of RPG-related posts, answering these questions: Today’s question is this: What is an RPG genre-mashup you would most like to see? Ah, well, now we’re in dangerous territory, since the stuff I’d most like to see is stuff I’m working on, yes, as in projects I want to […]

Yet More Neat Neal Stephenson

Here’s a little more Neal Stephenson, this time discussing his new (soon forthcoming) book. And it’s set on another planet — yay! Too bad it’s gonna take me a year or two to get around to it…

Great Neal Stephenson Talk

I’m a few months late, but here’s a great Neal Stephenson talk that addresses the whole SF/genre/what-is-SF dichotomy/argument/blabber in a rather interesting way: let’s talk about the people who consume SF, versus the people who consume “everything else” — which he jokingly calls “the Mundanes.” It takes a while for the video to load, but […]