A Question to my Readers

For those who who are still occasionally (or often?) reading this blog, a few questions/observations: In the last 48 hours or so, I’ve remodeled the site extensively, with a lovely new theme by Presswork. I think the site looks a lot better now than it has in years — at least, on my Ubuntu system […]

Do You Know This Song?

Sounds like it’s form the 70s, but that could mean it’s new. It’s sung by a woman and she sings off-key. There are strings in the accompaniment. She sounds a bit like Nico, and she’s singing these lines over and over that are vaguely like, “Yesterday is a day like any other day”, or “Yesterday […]

Grab Bag

Okay, well, straight from the title of this post: Good News: I have started a new novel, and it’s not my SF-jail novel (which I think I’ll work on, off-and-on, for a while, but which isn’t my main focus now): it’s a kind of a futuristic espionage thing, but with several interesting (I think) twists. […]