Random Snippets

If I ever were to write an autobiographical account of my life in Korea, or a chapter on the same in a bigger autobiographical text (other than this blog), I would want to have all of the humor of the first twelve pages or so of Peter Mayne’s A Year in Marrakesh. That’s all I’ve […]

Nutters in Bloom, and Comments From Today, and a Song

Nutters: Wow, people on the internet are crazy. I’m not going to taunt Happy Fun Freak any more than to say that, despite temptation, except to note that when one knows absolutely nothing about a topic but insists on talking about it and pretending he does know about it, it’s absolutely clear to the people […]

A Random Linkdump and Concert Tonight…

No time to post anything too significant today, or for the next couple of days. Oh yeah: this is late notice, y’all, but… Hwang Shin Hae Band is playing tonight. No idea if there are tickets available but I’ll be there a few hours early, trying to get one! Show’s at 8, and here’s a […]

Do You Know This Song?

Sounds like it’s form the 70s, but that could mean it’s new. It’s sung by a woman and she sings off-key. There are strings in the accompaniment. She sounds a bit like Nico, and she’s singing these lines over and over that are vaguely like, “Yesterday is a day like any other day”, or “Yesterday […]