The Beach

No, not the film with Dicaprio. I went to the beach a week ago with this couple I hang out with, Gwen and Mike. Good times. You might remember my mentioning a sunburn? That’s how I got it. (And I was under the beach umbrella almost the whole time! (Except when shooting these photos!) Anyway, […]

Bwi~! and Buyeo Wives, &c.

That’s a word I think I made up myself, in Korean. At least, I’ve never heard anyone else say it, though Lime told me it sounds like the mopey protestation of a five-year-old. 븨~! This word is occasioned because my Sado Seja story did not make it into the Datlow/Mamatas anthology Haunted Legends. I’m sure […]

Bye, Yves

I don’t know my realtives on the French-Canadian side of my family too well, but I know that it’s been a hard few years. The uncle who used to chase us around the house hollering mock-threateningly (with a huge smile on his face) that he was the Cookie Monster and he was going to eat […]