The Leak Continues

Those who were reading this blog weeks ago a couple of months ago will remember the leak in our previous apartment, which culminated in our moving upstairs. I still have a key — I haven’t gotten around to moving the air-conditioner upstairs, though I surely will by the time holidays come — and I ended […]

General Stuffings

Been blindingly sick, but only off-and-on, for a few weeks, which explains why I have posted so very little here. But it has not been a slow few weeks, at all: I am finished with the albatross. No, Ringo and Paul, I did not declare, “I am the albatross” — I am no more albatross […]

Best Morning Music

Manu Dibango, Wakafrica. 1994 album, but it feels like 1973. Which, in music anyway, can be a glorious thing! Wakafrica – Manu Dibango

I’m Sorry, and Who Are You Again?

Apologies for any typos you see: I’m still adjusting to the itty bitty keyboard on my Asus Eee and, well, you know… Someone I know recently told me how she has learned to take pleasure in refusing requests that make no sense. There will always be some people who will ask you to do something […]


When the first written comment on your essay reads, “This borders on completely unreadable,” and the professor stops writing editorial marks a few pages in after complaining of the paper’s incomprehensibility having given him a headache, then you should not be surprised — let alone shocked — when he expects you to redraft the thing […]