In Melbourne

I’m in Melbourne, now, and will be till next Monday morning. I have a presentation to do at the Utopias 4 conference as well as a presentation and some panels to participate in at WorldCon later in the week, along with some catching up with friends and so on. I also have to get some […]


The Maverick Philosopher discusses the fact that Christopher Hitchens, who is not doing so well, also has not recanted his atheism. Valicella writes: The contemplation of death must be horrifying for those who pin all on the frail reed of the ego.  The dimming of the light, the loss of control, the feeling of helplessly […]

If Only I Were Part Robot…

This entry is part 36 of 67 in the series SF in South Korea

I’d have time to post constantly. But since I’m not: Here’s some vintage Korean SF action… well, for a broad definition of SF: Apparently the show is now retro-hip enough for indie rockers Go Go Star to do a musical (and cosplay) tribute: Another version of the song, with better video: As for me, I’ll […]

What The Zen Cowboy Said

Caveat: I know zilch about horses. But I think this says something worth saying, just the same. Been a long time in coming, too. # You wonder, how could a cowboy be so much like the zen monk in that strange book your auntie from San Francisco sent you? He rides up as the sun […]